Beware of the Madness of Anger!

Jordan Linn Graham was charged this week with the murder (second degree) of her newlywed husband, Cody Johnson to whom she had been married a scant seven days. According to authorities, on July 7th she and Johnson were hiking in Montana's Glacier National Park when they began to argue (Graham claimed she was having "second thoughts" about their marriage). Instead of walking away, Graham informed authorities that in her anger she pushed Johnson face first off a cliff. She then proceeded to report him missing the next day. Johnson's body was discovered three days later. Investigators unraveled her attempt to cover up what had happened . . . and as a result filed the second degree murder charges. 

What a sad and bizarre tale! To go from being a newly married bride to a widow accused of the murder of her own husband - ouch! And all because her anger went unchecked. The Old Testament book of wisdom warns of the dangers of anger when it declares, "A man of wrath stirs up strife, and one given to anger causes much transgression." (29:22). All of us could, I am sure, do some work in this area of anger management. So before shaking your head at this Jordan Graham ... perhaps a look into the mirror would be in order. And after you do that, take some time to read this article on how to deal with anger. 

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