Weeds ... They Don't Just Grow in Our Yards!

I have enjoyed driving of late. Seeing all the green grass and the various shades of pink, white, and red
blooms adorning the trees have been a welcome sight after the long barren winter we just endured. But one sight does irritate me: a lawn covered with golden dandelions. These weedy flower wanna-be's can appear as if by magic. And if left unchecked, what was once a green carpet can be littered with these golden pests.

This reminds me of our hearts. If we are not careful to guard our hearts (Proverbs 4:23), all sorts of "weeds" can take root and grow. Left alone, they will spread and eventually choke out anything that the Spirit of God might plant in the soil of our hearts.

SO ... if guarding our hearts is something that is of utmost importance (read again Proverbs 4:23) . . . then what is guarding one's heart all about? If you really want a solid answer to that question, check out gotquestions.org's answer. It's good stuff!

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