YOU Are a Work of Art!

My wife and I recently spent two days in Ocean City, Maryland. I must say that before I met my wife, I was in NO way a beach guy! I mean, until I crossed paths with Sharon during my sophomore year in college, I had been to the beach a grand total of one time in nineteen years!  But, little did I know that when you get involved with a Jersey girl, learning to like love the beach was part of the package. And I have bought in totally! I now love time spend at the shore, even if it is only for a brief respite!

While we were walking the boardwalk, we came across a sand sculptor busy at work. When we saw him initially, he had just started. The sculpture at that point was not much more than a big pile of sand with some pointed towers on top. But later, when we passed by, it was finished. And as you can see, it is a WOW! How anyone can do that is way beyond my understanding! 

This reminds me of God at work in us. When he first saves us, we are not much more than a big pile of tattered, broken, torn baggage! But then he begins his work ... chipping away at this with his chisel (or to change metaphors, cutting away at that with is divine scalpel). The Bible makes it clear that we are his "masterpiece" (Ephesians 2:10) and that he will continue his work on us until the very end (Philippians 1:9). And his purpose is to show the world just how gifted a "sculptor" he is through us! That's a humbling thought! 

SOOO ... the next time you get discouraged because you don't think God is at work in your life, open your Bible to the two passages mentioned above. Thank God that he is continuing his work in you. Ask him to help you respond in a God honoring way! And remember ... it's ALL of HIS grace! 

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