A Quick Reconnect with a Friend!

This past week, our Fellowship of Churches conducted it's annual conference for adults (vs. the annual conference for youth known as Momentum).  Although I had planned to attend the entire conference, our plans changed at the last moment. Since the conference was being held in Washington, D.C., my wife and I were able to attend the final day. One of the many joys of the day was a brief reconnect with a dear friend from the heart of Africa. I first met Dr. Hibaile when he spoke at our church here in Lancaster back in 2007. Little did I realize then that two years later would see me ministering at his side in the Central African Republic. Since my trip there, three of us established a web site for the Friends of CIDEL (Center International for the Development of Ethical Leadership - Dr. Hibaile's ministry).

During the recent violence and instability in the CAR (here is an update on the situation) in which many people were killed and homes looted, Dr. Hibaile and his wife discussed the possibility of leaving the country. They decided against fleeing the country for, in Dr. Hibaile's words, they believed "we were needed here." So stay they did. As rebels approached the capital city of Bangui, Encompass World Partners decided to evacuate our mission staff who were living in the Encompass mission station in Bangui, The mission asked Dr. Hibaile if he and his family would live at the station to care for it and for the many refugees who had come seeking shelter and protection. So he and his family left their home (located on the northern edge of the city which was the very direction from which the rebels were approaching) and has been living at the station ever since. He told me on Sunday that even though homes all around his have been looted and damaged, some even destroyed, his has been untouched. Wow! No doubt the hand of God at work!

Please continue to pray for the situation in the CAR. And pray for my dear friend who desires to point his people in their suffering to the God of all comfort!

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