Friday coffee with PJ

Go ahead and pour your favorite brew (I hope it's coffee) and join me for a few random thoughts.

1. For the second week in a row I will have the privilege of officiating the memorial service for a follower of Christ. Now I am not really all that surprised that we have had a death in the church family two weeks running. It's happened before and will doubtless happen again.  Death is part of the package we call life. And Christians don't possess a "Get out of jail" card when it comes to the grave. In fact God's word says that it's appointed unto every one to die and after death comes judgment (Hebrews 9:27).  Given this realty that one out of every one dies, that means you and I will both one day die and then face judgment. So are you ready? Are you prepared to meet the God who made you? If you have any doubts about your readiness, I encourage you to check out Two Ways to Live: a Choice We All Face.

2. As I'm writing this, the news has just broken that a Malaysian Airlines jet with 298 people on board has been allegedly hit by a missile and crashed in Ukraine. This news comes on the heels of reports of the escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas ... Not to mention what's happening in Syria and Iraq. These events and many others like them, seem to show that evil has the hand. But is this truly the case?

Not at all! The Bible tells us that God is the One with the upper hand.  He is orchestrating history toward HIS conclusion.  After all, history is, bottom line, HIS-STORY!  If you doubt me on this, take an evening sometime and read the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ (a.k.a. Revelation).   One of the messages of this book is that often reality is not as it seems. Above and beyond and behind and surrounding this natural realm in which we live is a supernatural realm.  From this supernatural realm, our sovereign God is directing the ebb and flow of the events of our natural realm so that at the end of the day HIS WILL and HIS PLAN is accomplished. In the midst of the turbulence of our world, I find this to be a great comfort.  How about YOU?

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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