When Germophobia Flies Over the Top!

The following list which was printed in this morning's Lancaster newspaper grabbed my attention:  The Top ten areas and objects to avoid during air travel. Here's the list:

Tray tables
Seat controls
Latches on overhead bins
Arm rests
Airplane bathrooms, especially the doorknobs
In flight magazines
Hand rails on escalators and shuttles
Chairs and seats
Airplane pillows and blankets
Luggage carts and wheelchairs

Hmm. As I looked over that list and thought of my flights last November to India, here's what ran through my mind:

Tray tables (Guess I could avoid this if I don't mind holding my food tray on my lap - sure hope the coffee is not that hot!)

Seat controls (No problem ... just sit straight up for some 16 hours or so)

Latches on overhead bins (I guess I could wear the same clothes for a week so I would not have to use the overhead bins; and medicine - who needs medicine especially if I avoid all these germs?!)

Arm rests (Tough one here ... do I check my arms when I check in my luggage?)

Airplane bathrooms, especially the doorknobs (Wow! Guess I could avoid drinking any beverage for the week before leaving  ... Oh wait, guess it's OK if I kick the door in and avoid the door handle or knob!)

In flight magazines (Not a problem ... Oh, wait, if I want to know which movie is showing on which channel, I am going to have to risk it!)

Hand rails on escalators and shuttles (Ahh ... not a problem, I have health insurance!)

Chairs and seats (Hmm ... can see it now, "Mr., would you please sit down, we are about to takeoff!")

Airplane pillows and blankets (What? This is a monastery? I thought it was an airplane!)

OK .... I guess the writers of the article were trying to make a point. Obviously, if you are going to fly, you are going to be exposed to germs (of course, if you are going to live ... you are going to be exposed to germs!). I have done a fair amount of overseas travel. My suggestion? Just use some common sense. Practice good sanitation habits (like avoid licking  your arms after they have been on the arm rests!), and you should do fine. God in his marvelous design of the human body, gave us an immune system that is pretty spectacular! The psalmist was right on when he praised God that he was "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:13-16). 

Take a moment and praise your Creator for the way he made YOU! 

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Lugguage carts and wheelchairs

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