Amazing Grace!

In his book, By Grace Alone: How the Grace of God Amazes Me, Sinclair Ferguson writes the following sobering and compelling words:

"A chief reason for the weakness of the Christian church in the West, for the poverty of our witness and any lack of vitality in our worship, probably lies here: we sing about 'amazing grace' and speak of 'amazing grace,' but far too often it has ceased to amaze us. Sadly, we might more truthfully sing of 'accustomed grace.' We have lost the joy and energy that are experienced when grace seems truly amazing."

Does God's grace amaze you? Or has it become something you take for granted? Something more or less routine? My friends, Ferguson is so right on with this thoughts. When we are no longer astonished when we think of God's grace, we have lost a grip on the very thing that makes our faith vibrant and alive. So ... how about YOU? Does God's grace still amaze you? 

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