Back to Work ... Oh Yes!

Last week my wife and I spent a wonderful week together. We traveled many miles south (as far as Williamsburg, Va) and many years past (in addition to "traveling" back to Colonial days at Williamsburg, we also visited the years of 1861 and 1862 at the Manassas and Fredericksburg battlefields). I heard some of you yawning as you read that, but Sharon and I love history as there are always interesting things to discover. For example, I learned that during the revolutionary war, it was considered dishonorable to shoot at the opposing army's fife and drum corps. These men and boys were used to issue commands to the army. To protect them, they would wear the colors of the opposing army. Therefore, colonial drummers and fifers wore red coats, while their British counterparts wore blue coats. All I can say about this is ... WOW! Have things changed since then. Now armies go after their enemies' communication centers - no matter what!

As I thought of that, I found it somewhat refreshing that soldiers would refrain from doing something that would aid their cause because it was dishonorable. The whole concept of doing the honorable (and avoiding the dishonorable) is not a virtue that is pursued in our society as a whole. But before we point our finger and wag our heads at our world, we need to be sure that we as Christ-followers are known for showing others honor. After all , it is God's will for us to do so (Romans 12:10). SO ... who have you honored today?

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