Never To Be Forgotten!

On my post of the other day I mentioned that my wife and I visited the Fredericksburg battlefield during our vacation of last week. As part of our tour, we took a walk through the Fredericksburg National Cemetery which is adjacent to the battlefield. Approximately 15,000 Union dead are buried there, with only about 20% of them being identified at the time of their burial. As a result, most of the grave markers are nameless. All they carry is what you see in the adjacent photo ... a larger number (which is the plot number) above a smaller number (which indicates the number of soldiers buried in that plot). Many of the graves contain more than one set of remains.

After seeing row after row of these types of markers, we came across a grave marker that caught our attention. It was not so much because this particular marker had a name. Rather what caused us to pause was what we saw on the ground in front of the marker. As you can see in the photo below, there in front of this marker was a flower and a laminated printout containing a brief bio of the soldier buried there.              
 Someone ... perhaps a descendant of S. Dykes did not what this soldier to be forgotten. Private Dykes was wounded in the leg at the battle of Spotsylvania Court House, serving as a member of the 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery. He was brought to Fredericksburg where he later died of his wounds. Talk about a contrast! Four men buried in plot #1034 unknown and forgotten. Another buried in plot #1068 still remembered!

It is a terrible thing to think that one day ... long after we are gone from this earth ... that we too, may be forgotten by those who follow. Even if this were to happen, for those of us who choose to follow Christ, we can be assured that HE will never forget us! After all, he has engraved us on the palms of his hands (Isaiah 49:16). Wow! Never to be forgotten! That's a thought that can encourage the most discouraged heart!

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