Don't Be Bamboozled by the World!

Imagine yourself crawling across the hot, burning sands of a desert.  Because you have no water, your tongue is cracked and swollen. You grow weaker with every step you are able to take. Finally – you collapse on the sand. As you watch your life pass before your eyes, you raise your head for one last look at the world – and there before you – you see two things about 50 yards in front of you. To the left are stacks of $100 bills! There must be thousands upon thousands of stacks! On the right is an oasis with a bubbling pool of clear sparkling water and all kinds of fruit trees offering both food and shade

WHICH  are you going to choose?  Obviously the water! The money (no matter how many millions of dollars are there) will do you no good if you don't survive! 

This world we live in offers quite a bit to us. But what we really need to live the abundant life that Jesus promises, is the spiritual water and food that will quench the thirst of our souls and satisfy the hunger of our hearts. The world with all of its trappings cannot give us this (1 John 2:15-17). So ... don't be bamboozled! Say "NO!" to what the world can give you (it's only stuff and fluff!). Instead, pursue God and the things of God! Only then will you experience life as the Creator intended it to be lived! 

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