Friday Coffee with PJ

Well it's Friday ... and that means "Friday Coffee with PJ" --- so here are a few random thoughts for you to enjoy with your morning cup of joe.

1. This morning at 1:04, summer arrived here in Lancaster, PA. So that means we can look forward to some triple H days! These are the days saturated with Heat, Haze and Humidity. The days that we work up a sweat just thinking about going outside. Although we don't know how many of these triple H days we will have to endure, we do know that some are in the forecast. How so? Hot, steamy days are just part of the package that we call summer. So we can be certain that before too long, a triple H day will arrive. Just as summer brings these kind of days .... so life brings a number of things our way as well. One of these is interpersonal conflict. How so? Given that ALL of us are broken people whose sin all too often turns are gaze self-ward, it is inevitable that we will experience conflict. Therefore, we need to be equipped to handle and resolve it in a God-honoring, Kingdom-advancing way. For tips on how to do so .... check out the Peacemaker Ministries blog which offers a lot of great insights to help you in this arena!

2. This morning is the final morning of our week long Vacation Bible School at Grace. Our high mark in attendance came yesterday when we hit 257 kids! Wow! The theme this year is all about serving! After all, if Jesus the King of the Universe did not come to be served but to serve ... and to ultimately give his life as a ransom for sin ... who are we to refuse to serve those around us? It has been a great week .... and my hat is off to all of those who have given of their time and effort to serve these children (see Mark 10:13-16). IF children matter to Jesus, they had better matter to us as well!

3. Finally, a great J.I. Packer quote for you to chew on over the weekend:

"In our life of faith, we often impoverish ourselves by embracing an idea of God that is too limited and small."

How big are your thoughts of God?  Take some time and read through Isaiah 40.

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