Hope Rises in the Central African Republic


Thank you so much for praying for the situation in the Central African Republic! The recent military coup has devastated the country ... a country already ravished by poverty. Yet, in the midst of this despair, hope is rising! Below is an email I just received from Dr. Augustin Hibaile, my friend and the director of the Center International for the Development of Ethical Leadership (CIDEL). He, along with two men from Encompass World Partners had an exciting and hope-inspiring meeting yesterday. Please read on ... and PLEASE continue to pray!

Greetings from C.A.R,

In my email today, I asked many of you to pray for the opportunity to meet with the President with the missionaries Mike (USA) and Frank (Germany). This morning we had a good audience with the Minister of Religious Affairs. He introduced us to the Head of the State this evening.

Frank, Mike, Pastor Banga Boniface and myself were received by the President in his cabinet this evening (6:15 - 6:45 PM). It's was a wonderful time to inform the President about what our mission and churches have done in C.A.R since the arrival of the first missionaries. The President gave a good testimony about our churches and is encouraged by the Bible message he heard the first time in one of our churches here in Bangui.

Frank and Mike have assured the President about the many prayers of Christians around the world. The President asked for prayers on his behalf and for peace in the country. Concerning the letter sent to Saudi Arabia that said it is the President who want to change the country into an Islamic country, he denied it and said that someone with an evil intention did it to destroy his testimony. 
Augustin and wife, Marie-Helene

Please pray for the Minister of Religious Affairs for wisdom.Pray for the President as he seek ways to restore the country in this chaotic situation.

Pray for our guests who have some couple days with us before they go back.

Pray for the C.A.R.! 

Dr. Augustin Hibaile 

Thanks for stopping! 

P.S. For future prayer updates, please visit the Friends of CIDEL website. 

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