Be the Hands of Jesus!

In his book, The Jesus Habits: Exercising the Spiritual Disciplines of Jesus, author Jay Dennis relates a story about a church in Strasbourg that was destroyed as result of Allied bombing in WW 2.  After the bombing was over, the church members surveyed the damage. As they did they were pleasantly surprised to find a statue of Christ still standing.  The stature showed Christ with his arms outstretched in service.  When the church members got closer to the statue they noted that a beam had fallen in such a way as to sever the hands from the statue.  Knowing how much the statue meant to the church and the community (it had been sculptured several centuries before), a local artist offered to sculpt new hands for the statue.  After considering the offer, the church members declined it.  They thought the handless Christ would be a good reminder to them that God’s work of service is done though His people.

Wow!  That is a great illustration of a great truth.  God is doing a work in our world today – and he wants to do that work through YOU and ME!  Whether it’s teaching little ones in our children’s ministry or volunteering to do some office work – it is a privilege to serve as Christ’s hands!  People all around us have needs.  Reach out to someone today and touch them.  Be the hands of Christ!   

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