A Brief Prayer for Your Sunday!

Sunday is the day we set aside to come together as God's family to focus our thoughts and affections upon Him. Here is a prayer for you! Please take a moment and read it ... and then pray it for yourself and all you love! 

Father God, 

On this day, I feel a great need for you, 
I fear that all too often I allow the stuff
   and activities of this world to eclipse 
   my view of you. Some times this 
   eclipse is partial, other times total. 
Today, I need a fuller glimpse of you. 
Please open the eyes of my heart and soul
   to see you more clearly so that I can 
   know you more fully and therefore
   love you more deeply. 

Knowing you is indeed the key to 
   loving you. So this day, as I spend 
   time in your Word, may your Holy Spirit
   teach me what I need to know about you: 
   your nature, character, will and ways. 
Grant me a heart willing to respond to 
   whatever you have for me. 

I ask this ... all by your grace and for your glory! 

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