Cheer Up! Spring Is on the Way!

I am going to guess that you probably feel a lot like I do concerning the approaching winter storm. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Of course, I realize that there are some rather strange people among us that no matter how much snow falls, it is NEVER ENOUGH! Well, in my younger years, I may have leaned in that direction, but now now! Especially when I scheduled this weekend as a vacation weekend during which my wife and I are hoping to head south to Williamsburg, Virginia (of course, that's all "up in the air" right now - no pun intended!).

But ... I do have some good news. When I flipped my calendar just ONE PAGE ... I saw, staring me in the face, MARCH 20th! What's so special about that particular date? Well ... March 20th is the first official day of SPRING! Yes! Yes! Yes! And I just LOVE spring, this spring probably more so than usual! In fact, I thought I would list for you the top ten reasons as to why I get excited just thinking about spring:

10.Spring means winter is over for another year! Yea - no more below zero wind chills!
9. My anniversary falls in spring (May 13th).  
8. Flowers – I love to see flowers bloom (after a dull and dreary winter – the colors are fantastic!).  
7. Spring means winter is over for another year! Yea - no more snow removal!   
6. My birthday falls in March (meteorological spring actually begins March 1st).  
5. Easter falls in spring and I love this annual celebration of Christ’s resurrection! 
4. I can fire up the gas grill and throw on the kielbasa!  
3. Spring means winter is over for another year! Yea - no more cancelled church services or programs!  
2. Four of my grandchildren, and two of my children were born in the spring!   
1. Spring means winter is over for another year!  ENOUGH SAID! 

As I contemplate the coming of spring and all the reasons why I am grateful for it – I am reminded of James 1:17 which reads, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” I thank God for the good gift of spring and the renewal of nature that it brings!  

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