Lawbreaker Beware!

Recently, my wife and I enjoyed a few days at one of our favorite places to get away ... Colonial Williamsburg. We both love history, and each trip there results in learning something new about the founding of our country. Our recent visit did not disappoint!

On this particular trip, I unfortunately ran afoul of the law and got thrown into the stocks. Well ... not quite! I willingly got into the stocks for this photo opp! But let me tell you - this wouldn't be something I would ever opt to do for any length of time. I would think it must have proved to be a deterrent to crime back in colonial days. Along with the physical discomfort, the public humiliation must have been great indeed! The message of the stocks was: lawbreaker beware!

This same message is the message of the Bible: Lawbreaker beware! The law in question is not a law written by human hands. No ... the law we are all guilty of breaking is the law written by God himself. In fact, the Bible makes it clear that since we are all guilty of breaking God's law, we are all under indictment (Romans 3:19; 23). And there is coming a day when we will all stand before God and face his judgment for our rebellion against him and his law (Revelation 20:11-15).

But the same Bible that says to the lawbreaker (which is all of us): "Beware!" also says to all of us, "Believe!" Believe what? Believe the gospel! Believe that Jesus Christ, God's Son, died to pay the penalty for our sin. That he took our punishment upon himself so that we might not have to face God's wrath and judgment (2 Corinthians 5:21; 1 Peter 3:18; Isaiah 53:5-6).

So my friends, I urge you to turn from (the Bible's word is "repent") your sin and rebellion against the God who made you . . .and in faith turn to the God who is able to forgive your sin and give you new life! Only then will you be truly FREE to live your life as God has made you to live --- all for HIS glory (which is also for your greatest good!).

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