A Prayer for Your Wednesday

We can learn much from those who have gone before us in the faith. These men and women have left behind a wealth of biblical writings and devotional thoughts. Many of these individuals had a fervent faith that we need to imitate. I hope from time to time you will make an effort to spend some time reading what these saints of yesteryear have left for us to examine. With a little bit of effort, we can mine many gold nuggets of great value that will provide us with much encouragement for our own spiritual journey.

Here is an old prayer and a great prayer. I would encourage you to spend a few moments praying it back to God. You will be better for it!

Gracious and holy Father, 
please give me:
Intellect to understand you; 
Reason to discern you;
Diligence to seek you;
Wisdom to find you;
A spirit to know you;
A heart to meditate upon you;
Ears to hear you;
Eyes to see you;
A tongue to proclaim you;
A way of life pleasing to you;
Patience to wait for you; and
Perseverance to look for you.

(A prayer of Benedict, 480-547- AD)

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