Friday Coffee with PJ

It's that time again to grab you favorite cup of morning brew (or if it's later in the day, perhaps some other beverage) and join me for a few random, but I trust, relevant thoughts.

1. Life can be hard. Very hard at times. When difficulties crash into our lives and bowl us over, it is very easy to lose perspective. When that happens, we often (not always, but far too often) tend to cast a blaming look toward heaven. After all, if God is indeed sovereign and in control of all things, then he could have easily kept this trial from causing us so much pain. Right? My friend, it is at this point that we must proceed with faith. Yes, God is sovereign, but yes God is good. And when "stuff happens" that crushes the life out of us, we must, by faith, recall to our minds that the God who loved us enough to die for us still has us firmly in his grip. Whatever is happening to us and around us is part of his good and perfect plan for us. Ultimately it is all for HIS glory and our good. Elias Pledger, a Puritan pastor from yesteryear understood this need for faith in the face of adversity. "Hear" what he had to say. . .

"Faith is not used only for our entrance into grace, but also for our continuance and progress through all temptations and difficulties. Faith and prayer must be as the breathing of our souls to keep the heart alive. We must trust the Lord in every change and condition of life. A trusting Christian in this strength may challenge all the gates of hell. 'When I am afraid, I put my trust in you' (Psalm 56:3). Afraid? Alas! Who is not? But what course will you take then? Believe. Use faith always, and have it now!" (Elias Pledger) 

2.  Stewardship. This was a word once heard routinely in churches. Not so much anymore. Yet the concept of stewardship is indeed a biblical one. In fact, one cannot follow Jesus without practicing it. So . . . just what is stewardship and what does the Bible have to say about it? I strongly urge you to click here to read just what biblical stewardship is all about. For at the end of the day, what you do with all that God has loaned to you speaks volumes about your relationship with him!

3. What do you say to a Christian friend who loses a parent who, to the best of their knowledge was not a believer in Jesus Christ? How do you encourage and comfort someone in that situation? Randy Alcorn, author of one of the most exhaustive books on heaven, also has a website (Eternal Perspective Ministries). Here is how one of his staffers answers this question. It is good stuff!

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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