Friday coffee with PJ

Well it's Friday again, and that means a fresh cup of brewed Joe to start my day. I'm not sure if this is how you start your day, but we all can't start our days off in the perfect fashion! :-)  But no matter how you start your day, here are a couple of random thoughts for you to think about.

1. The journalistic world was rocked this week when NBC news took the harsh steps of suspending their store anchor of NBC nightly news for six months without pay. What was Brian Williams crime? It appears that on at least one occasion he exaggerated the truth. The situation at the center of the controversy involved a report on events that occurred while Williams was covering the Iraqi war on the ground in Iraq. He claimed that the helicopter that he and his crew were on had been hit by enemy fire. This claim has been refuted by the soldiers who were present. Now why would Williams make this claim if it wasn't true? I believe the answer is pretty obvious. He wanted to make his story sound more exciting than it really was. I am guessing in his mind this would cause more people to tune in to hear the news reported by a man who had come under enemy fire. Now what he did was not all that unusual. We are all guilty of exaggerating the truth (think of the fisherman who talks about the one that got away. After enough tellings the fish that got away has grown from a good-sized fish to a monster fish. One that most certainly would've set some fishing records!). So before we come down too hard on Brian Williams, we all need to take a look in the mirror. All of us need to be speaking the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15)! All of us need to be pursuing honesty knowing that honesty is always the best policy. Integrity is hard to come by. But as Brian Williams has learned, it is so easy to lose (Proverbs 28:18).

2. This evening I'll be doing something I've done many many times in the past. I will be officiating a wedding ceremony. Every time I do so I am reminded of God's gift to us in giving us the marriage relationship. It's fascinating to note that in the Genesis account of creation, the very first thing that God saw that was not good was that Adam, the first man, was alone. God resolved the problem by creating Eve, the first woman. He then brought Eve to Adam and the two became humanity's first married couple. God's desire for Adam and Eve was that they would become "one flesh" (Genesis 2:24). My friends, God desires husbands and wives to experience intimacy in every arena of life. This oneness is a true blessing from the God who made us. But this oneness doesn't "just happen!" It takes a lot of work. It requires a lot of effort! So my question to you if you're married is this: how much effort are you putting in to your marriage? What you put in will go a long way in determining what you get out of this most precious of human relationships!

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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