Friday Coffee with PJ

Sorry that I have missed the past couple of Fridays ... just been a bit on the busy side. But back today ... so grab your favorite cup of coffee (or whatever you drink on a cold morning) and join me for a few random thoughts.

1. It is apparent to every Christian who does not have their head buried in the sand that our culture is moving further away from Christian beliefs and morality. On many occasions I have heard believers bemoan this fact. But here is an interesting take on this situation from the pen of C.S. Lewis:

"Christians increasingly live on a spiritual island; new and rival ways of life surround it in all directions and their tides come further up the beach every time. . . . Some give morality a wholly new meaning which we cannot accept, some deny its possibility.  Perhaps we shall all learn, sharply enough, to value the clean air and 'sweet reasonableness' of the Christians ethics which in a more Christian age we might have taken for granted."

2. I want to give a shout out to my nephew, Mike Graybill. He is the coach of the girls basketball team at Christian School of York (and has been for a number of years). Later today his team will be playing for the single A district three title against Lebanon Catholic. The game is set for 4:30 at the Giant Center in Hershey. Go CSOY! 

Friday morning update: Since I wrote this post yesterday, I can now let you know that CSOY lost to perennial powerhouse Lebanon Catholic, 40-20. It was Catholic's 17th district title. Congrats to my nephew and his team for a great season!

3. Recently my almost four year old grandson, Nolan was playing with my almost three year old granddaughter Molly. They were playing with little stuffed puppy dogs. Here's how the conversation went down as they began to play: 

Nolan - "Oh boy, I am going to shoot da puppies!" (I guess he thought he was going hunting!) 
Mollie - "No, Nowan. I love puppies. Pweese don't shoot dem." 
Nolan - "OK, Mowie. I won't shoot dem." 
Mollie - "Tank you, Nolan."
Nolan - "You welcome, Mowie" 

Certainly a cute exchange. But one we adults can learn from. Far too often we live our lives with ourselves at the center. At these times, life is all about ME, MYSELF, and I! But the Bible encourages us to live life differently. In Philippians 2:3-4, the Apostle Paul lays out for us a strategy for our interpersonal relationships. Bottom line he tells us we need to put others before ourselves. That does not come naturally. That is why we need the supernatural help of the Spirit of God to do so. So let me ask you ... whose agenda are you pushing? Yours? Or God's - which has near the top to love your neighbor as you love yourself (Matthew 22:34-40). 

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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