Back from Hiatus

Well, it's been 18 days since my last post. Some of you might be wondering if I had skipped town. No, just the opposite. I have been pretty much confined to home. In fact, nine of those days were spent almost exclusively at home. It all started with a surgical procedure on Tuesday, January 27th. After recovering from that, I came down with the flu (yep, got the flu shot ... and, like the experts warned, this year's vaccine was only 25% effective!). So, I have been a bit "out of the loop" the past couple of weeks. 

But now I am back ... for better or for worse! But in the midst of this down time, God has been reminding me of how self-sufficient I can tend to be. And you know, HE (as always) is right on the mark. My self-sufficiency probably comes out most clearly in my prayer life (or at times LACK of a prayer life). If I truly believed that all that I do in life and ministry is dependent upon God and his enablement --- I would pray far more than I do. How about you? Do your prayers (or lack of prayers) demonstrate more self-sufficiency or more God-dependency? Now there's a question ALL of us would benefit by answering honestly ... and then, with God's help ... make some needed changes in how we live and pray! 

Thanks for stopping by . . . 

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