Our Plans Change . . . Our God Does Not!

My original plan for today would have put me arriving in Fort Wayne, Indiana right about now. However, here I am typing up this blog post instead. You see I was supposed to be out in Winona Lake, Indiana later today for the start of Grace College and seminary board meetings tomorrow. However, due to the winter weather that was forecast for today, I rebooked my flight yesterday for tomorrow morning. It's a good thing I did, as sure enough my flight from Philadelphia to Fort Wayne was canceled. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! And, I am sure hoping that my flight home Saturday morning will be on time and uneventful!

Now when you fly in winter months, you can expect these sorts of changes. It's all part of the package of flying at this time of year. So you just have to learn to deal with it! But isn't it good to know, that our God never changes. His will, his character, his word, his plans have never, nor will ever change (James 1:17; Hebrews 13:8). So in the midst of life's turbulence, it's great to know that we can find stability in the God who made us and keeps us firmly in his grip!

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Update, Wednesday February 18th: Well my morning flight from Philadelphia to Fort Wayne was cancelled after an hour delay due to a maintenance issue. Rebooked on a 6:20 pm flight. It's the last flight of day ... So I am hoping for no more snags!

Update, Thursday, February 19: as it turned out, my 6:20 flight last evening was delayed until 9:05 PM. So by the time I got the Fort Wayne, rented a car, and drove to Winona Lake ... It was past midnight. On a night when the temperature was below zero, after a day of much frustration, the hotel's bed felt wonderful!

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