On the Storms of Life

Last week, as meteorologists were coming out with their thinking on Hurricane Isaac's future path, most predicted a path that would take the storm either over Florida or to the EAST of Florida. Now that we are about 12 hours from landfall, it is becoming more and more certain that landfall will the in the vicinity of New Orleans. Once glance at a map will show the reality of the storm's track is quite a bit different from what the professionals were predicting last week.

In spite of the progress that's been made in tracking storms in the past decade, to accurately predict which way these tropical systems will trek is precarious at best. It almost appears that these storms have a mind of their own! The unpredictability of the paths (and you could add speed of movement and amount if intensification) really does not surprise us. We understand that even though the technology used by the National Hurricane Center is quite complex ... these hurricanes are even more so. Therefore, trying to accurately predict just where these storms will head and how big and ferocious they will be once they get there is a tall task indeed!

All this reminds me of the storms that crash into our lives. Unlike the arrival of hurricanes, we often have no advanced warning. At other times, we can see them brewing on the horizon ... and so we worry and fret as we make predictions of how they will bring us hardship and heartache ... only to see them drift off in another direction. But no matter if storms come our way or steer clear of us, we can always find comfort that the God who sits on the throne of heaven, has his hand upon the steering winds of the storms of life. So when life gets stormy (and it will, note James 1:2 tells us to rejoice WHEN - not IF - we encounter trials of various kinds), we can find comfort, strength, courage and hope knowing that our God is in control of ALL things (Ephesians 1:11; Romans 8:28). So if you are hurting today, look to the God who loves you and has YOU in HIS loving and powerful grip!

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