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Hard to believe that it's Thursday again ... but it is and so here are this week's offerings:

1. Scripture Union's mission is to get people into the Word of God and help them to then get the Word of God into their lives. Here is a free ebook that they offer that might prove helpful to you in your discipline of the Word.

2. For the past 16 years I have been serving on the board of Hebrew Christian Fellowship, a small mission with the purpose of presenting lovingly and sensitively the gospel to Jewish people. Why is this so important? Here is Roger Wambold's (the director of HCF) most recent letter to the HCF family. He gives a great rationale on why we cannot neglect reaching out to the Jewish people.

Dear Friend,

It is certain that the 26 athletes representing Israel in 10 fields of competition at the London Olympic Games are singularly united in their realization that this year marks the 40th anniversary of what has become known as the Munich Massacre.

At the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics, the first Olympiad to be held in Germany since Adolph Hitler presided over the Berlin Olympics in 1936, a horrifying scene unfolded.  Eight Palestinian terrorists, part of the Black September organization, breached the light security of the Olympic Village, killed two members of the Israeli team who resisted them, and took nine others hostage.  Ultimately all nine of those hostages were killed in the crossfire of an unsuccessful rescue attempt by the German authorities, along with five of the terrorists.  The remaining three were arrested, but subsequently released by the German government negotiation with Black September over yet another hostage situation involving a hijacked plane.
It is hard to imagine the level of hatred directed against the Jewish people that would cause such a monstrous act to infect the spirit of these international games when political and ideological differences have been historically set aside for a brief period in the interest of true sportsmanship.  On the other hand, Jewish people have been the object of this kind of pernicious hatred throughout their history.

While there is even now a rising tide of anti-Semitic sentiment throughout the world, especially in Europe and, of course, the Middle East, the Scriptures make it clear that the worst days lie yet ahead for Israel.  In view of this, it is more important than ever to reach out lovingly and sensitively with the Gospel of Messiah Jesus to our Jewish friends everywhere.

May the Lord bless you and yours with joy and peace in these monumental times.

Sincerely in Messiah Jesus,

 Rev. Roger L. Wambold,
General Director

3. Forbes offers up an interesting article on how to tell when someone is lying

4. As the London Olympics fade into the rear view mirror of life, here is an interesting article on lessons from one of the best known British Olyimpians of yesteryear, Eric Liddell.

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