Crisis in the Central African Republic

The crisis is still unfolding in the CAR with peace talks beginning at some point this week (click here ---- and here for latest news updates). And for the latest update from Dr. Augustin Hibaile, click here. 

Please be in prayer for Dr. Hibaile and his family, our Hand-in-Hand Orphan school in Bangui and the people of the CAR. Pray that the gospel will shine brightly during these dark days.

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PS --- Here is an article from the Economist that paints a very bleak picture of the future for the CAR. At the end of the article, there is this quote: "In its recently published quality-of-life survey of 221 of the world’s major cities, Mercer, an American consultancy, ranked Bangui 220th, a whisker ahead of Baghdad. The CAR looks set to rot away on its own." Ouch! A bad situation looking to only get worse! 

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