Some Random Thoughts on Parenting

From time to time I grow a bit reflective. In those moments, I often think about parenting.  Now I admit I have not been a parent as long as some – but I have been at it longer than many (almost 34 years!).  Sharon and I have been blessed to parent three of our own (and now we have five grandkids with another on the way!). And for a little over a year (some 33 years ago) we also had the chance to parent a group of nine who were not our own. So I guess you can say we’ve had some experience.

Now just what have I learned about parenting across the years? Hmm.  That’s a good question.  I think I have learned a lot.  I learned that my own mom and dad were a lot smarter than I ever gave them credit for.  I learned that parenting is a lot more demanding than I ever dreamed.  I learned that the joys of parenting far outstrip the heartaches.  And I have learned that parenting never ends.  It changes – but it does go on and on and on.  Sharon and I like the stage of parenting in which we find ourselves.  Our children are adults. They are all married, gainfully employed and raising their children. They all live near by and we get to see our grandchildren on a consistent basis.

It has been gratifying to see our children move on to establish their own households. But even now, my wife and I realize (as I have already mentioned) that our parenting will continue, primarily by way of example.  With this in mind, Sharon and my prayer is that when our children (and their children) look at us – they will see Jesus!  Let me ask YOU this – when your children and grandchildren look at you – do they see Jesus (check out Romans 8:28-29).

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