Got Bible?

A number of years ago, the Dairy Association ran an ad campaign with the slogan, "Got Milk?". Here is one brief video of a commercial from that campaign:


If I were to start a similar ad campaign in the church today ... I would title it "Got Bible?" So many Christians fail at spending much, if any, personal time in God's Word every day. This is tragic!

Author and pastor John MacArthur explains why this is such a tragedy:

The rapid pace of twenty-first-century living is not very conducive to setting aside time to slow down, read the Bible, and pray and mediate on God’s Word. Yet such activity ought to be the daily priority of every Christian—it is the primary way God leads us in our sanctification. Just as physical nourishment is essential to physical life, so spiritual nourishment is essential to spiritual life—your growth in Christ depends on it.  (MacArthur, John F. Daily Readings From the Life of Christ, Volume 2)

I agree with MacArthur on this. SO ... how about it ... GOT MILK today? 

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