Thursday A La Carte

Time to get back to our Thursday offerings . . .

1. Here is an update from Randy Alcorn on Steve Saint, who was seriously injured last summer. Steve Saint's father was one of the missionaries murdered by the tribe of Indians they were trying to reach with the gospel.

2.  Ever wonder how UPS moves the massive number of packages it moves with such efficiency ... check it out right here!  (I thought this was cool!)

3. Should we keep on praying when we feel that our prayers are going no where?  Here is one man's response to this question . . . Why keep praying when I'm feeling dull? 

4. Is the pro-life cause really winning? Russel Moore gives some good insights in answering this question.

5. Here are some great reminders for Christian parents! 

6. On a lighter note . . .   Thanks, Kevin DeYoung!

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