Thursday A La Carte

Here are this week's offerings. Enjoy! Be challenged! Be encouraged!

1. Ever been accused of worshiping the Bible? Tim Challies has some great insights on this! 

2. If you struggle with meeting God in his word and prayer, here are five promises God gives us for our Bible reading and prayer   and John Piper states, You can never ask too much from God (from Desiring God Ministries).

3. Louie Giglio, mega church pastor from Atlanta, made the news last week when it came to light that he had preached some anti-homosexual messages back in the 1990's.  Why did this make the news? Because he had been selected to offer the benediction at next week's presidential inaugaration. You can just imagine how the gay activists went after him! Here is a collection of articles about the situation

4. Here's a moving music video by Andrew Peterson ... worth a watch and listen! (especially for dads of young sons!).

5. On a lighter note. . 

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