Five Steps to Failure (part 3)

I have been tackling an issue in such a way that may cause some of you to wonder if I have finally buckled under the stress of life and gone of the deep end. Well ... no. I am quite sane and there is, I believe, some method to my "madness!"  Today, step three toward failure in the Christian Life.

Step #3  Pour your energies into making money versus those activities that help make disciples. 

This step should come as no surprise. After all, what was the very last command given by Jesus to his disciples? We find it in Matthew 28 where Jesus tells them to "Go and make disciples of all the nations" (Matthew 28:18-20). So if we really want to fail at the Christian walk, then we surely do not want to take the last command of the Lord Jesus Christ and make it our first concern!  So instead of getting into step with the heart beat of Christ, let's pour ourselves into the spirit of our age and go hard after making money and lots of it! Making money, after all, is much more beneficial to us than making disciples. Right?

So instead of identifying with Christ at work, do all you can to climb the corporate ladder. Ethics? Throw them to the wind! Knock someone over in your drive to the top? So what! And when it comes to any kind of mentoring or teaching ministries, stay away. These things take a lot of time and we all know, "time is money!"

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