Slowing Down in the Fast Lane of Life!

This is my first blog posting in almost a week.  For those of you who may have been looking for one sooner, I apologize.  I really meant to write one sooner, but . . . the press of other “things” kept me busy elsewhere. 

You all know what this is like – wishing for a few extra hours in your day or even a few extra days in your week.  Sometimes it just seems like there’s WAY too much to do and WAY too little time in which to get it all done!  Oh the tyranny of the urgent!

This reminds me of a story I once heard.  Long ago when Africa was still relatively unknown to the outside world, a European explorer was taking a group into the African interior.  He had hired a native guide along with a number of other natives to help carry the supplies.  After a mid morning break on the third day of a fast-paced march, the Africans refused to resume their trek.  When the European explorer asked the guide the reason for their refusal, the guide told him, “They just need a little more time to allow their souls to catch up to their bodies.”   Hmm.  I think all of us could learn a lesson from these guys.  Just as Jesus would get away to be alone with his Father (Mark 1:35; Luke 5:16) – we too need to be sure to do the same.  As fast-paced as 21st century American life can be at times – we all need to take time to allow our souls to catch up to our bodies. 

In His grasp,  


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