Friday Coffee with PJ

Friday's here ... and with the day comes another installment of Friday Coffee with PJ ... I hope you enjoy
these random ramblings as you drink your morning cup of joe!

1. Ever wonder where a cup of coffee got labeled as a cup of joe? If so ... here's your answer! 

2. Here's a question for you: How many phone numbers do you know? If you are like me ... the answer is "not many" (some people don't even know their own phone number). In our digital age, most people rely upon their cell phones for phone numbers. And if we leave our cell phone at home or ... God forbid ... lose it. Well forget calling mom to check up on her or even your spouse to see if you need to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work! Hmm . . . but God is so very different from us, isn't he? Not only does he know every single phone number of every single person on planet earth ... he knows everything else that there is to know. Wow! What a God we serve and worship!

3. Looks like we are now in the midst of our first official heat wave of the summer season (Officially a heat wave occurs when the daytime high reaches 90 degrees or better on three consecutive days. If the forecast high temps for today, Friday and Saturday are realized ... we will be there!). Now ... some of you probably are not that happy about such heat. But I for one will take this over three straight days of high temps in the twenties! Please be careful to stay cool and not over exert yourself in the heat of the day. And be glad that this particular heat wave will be short in duration, which may not be the case with any that might follow in the heart of the summer. And remember that even though our weather is always changing (and this spring has certainly been quite the roller coaster ride) ... God NEVER changes (Hebrews 13:8; James 1:17)

Thanks for stopping by . . .

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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