A Coat of Fresh Paint

Every Thursday morning at 6:15, I meet with a group of guys I have chosen to call "The Brothers of Aaron and Hur" (as to why that name, pull out your Bible and read Exodus 17:8-16). The primary reason for our meeting is to pray for our church - its people and its ministry - and our world, both locally and globally. After our prayer time, those who have the time, head out for a quick breakfast together. It is one of my favorite weekly activities. I love my brothers!

Over breakfast this morning, one of the men shared a story from his working days at Campbell's Soup. Every so often, the president of the company would tour this gentleman's plant. On one of these occasions, the plant manager asked this man if he would like to join him as he toured the plant with the company president. At one point during the tour, the plant manager turned to the company president and asked, "Don't you get tired of smelling fresh paint?"

Hmm. That got me thinking. How often do we do the same? We go to church and we quickly "slop a coat of fresh paint" on our exterior. We hope that people will see the fresh paint and won't see all the cracks in the plaster that it is covering. We want people to think we are more spiritual, more godly than we truly are (Ouch - I just stepped on my own toes with that statement!). Instead of fresh paint --let's get to fixing the cracks in the walls. Let's get serious about those things that will help us to grow in godliness (things like reading and studying the Bible, praying, sharing our faith, etc.). After all, a coat of fresh paint only lasts so long!

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