Some Brief Monday Morning Thoughts

As your new work week starts ... here are just a couple of brief thoughts for your consideration:

1. Life is fragile - handle with care. I was stunned this morning to receive an email from the President's office at Grace College and Seminary, informing me that a fellow board member, pastor and a valued friend was killed as a result of a bicycle accident yesterday in Ohio near his home. Todd Scoles leaves behind a wife and three children (I believe high school through college age). He also leaves behind a life lived to the glory of God. I must be honest with you. I look at Todd and his life and ministry and want to ask God "Why? He could have done so much more for your kingdom!" That question I will have to leave with God. All this to say ... Life is fragile. It could end for any of us at any time. So let's live our lives to the full - for HIM!

2. Friendships are precious -make them a priority. I have thoroughly enjoyed renewing fellowship with Dr. Augustin Hibaile of the Central African Republic. He is a precious brother and a good friend. His passion for God runs deep and his love for his people is strong. I trust rubbing shoulders with him will make me a better man!

3. Life's problems are many - take them to God! Recently I have been somewhat overwhelmed with the problems so many people I know and love are facing in their lives, ranging from serious health issues, financial problems, relational difficulties ... etc., etc., etc.! But it is quite the comfort to know that for those who have chosen to follow Jesus - we never have to face these problems alone! He has promised to help us carry the load! (Matthew 11:28-30)

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