A Prayer for Your Friday (and Beyond!)

Here is a prayer for your day today ... based upon a prayer from the wonderful collection of Puritan prayers contained in the book, The Valley of Vision. 

O One who loves me to the uttermost, 
Help me this day to think highly of you and rightly of me. 

Remind me today ... and everyday 
Of your glory and my vileness,
Of your majesty and my meanness,
Of your beauty and my deformity,
Of your purity and my filth,
Of your righteousness and my sin. 

You have loved me everlastingly and unchangeably,
May I love you as I am loved. 

You have died for me, may I live for you 
In every moment of my time,
In every movement of my mind, 
In every pulse of my heart. 

May I not walk in step with the world around me
But walk by your side,
Listen to your voice,
be clothed with your grace
and adorned with your righteousness. 

O lover of my soul, please make it so! 


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