Snow Geese and God's Fingerprints!

Yesterday my wife and I drove up to the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. It is a preserve located on the Lancaster/Lebanon County line. Each year at this time, the preserve is visited by thousands of snow geese as they travel back to the Arctic and their breeding grounds. According to figures on Middle Creek's web site, there were some 65,000 snow geese in the preserve yesterday. It was quite the sight!

Now what amazes me is that these geese can fly thousands of miles between their winter habitat south of us and their summer home in the artic and never get lost! How do they find the Middle Creek rest stop year after year? Some people I know get lost even when following a gps!  The migration of these water fowl is truly incredible.

Those who choose to believe in the theory of evolution (and note that I wrote "theory" because that is all it is) might simply write this off as some sort of evolutionary instincts at work. I choose to believe that an intelligent designer (you can read "Creator-God" here) has wired these geese to know when to begin their migration and how to get where they are going. The created realm and all of its creatures certainly have the designer's fingerprints all over them!

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