Thursday A La Carte

Here are my Thursday a la carte offerings for this week. Enjoy!

1. Al Mohler comments on a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that reaffirms religious liberty. You will want to read this!

2. Recently someone shared about going through some tough times ... and how God seemed distant or uninvolved in their situation in spite of pleas for his help. Ray Ortland offers up some thoughts of encouragement when (not if) we go through such hard time.

3. Here's a great (and convicting) video (3:14) on the topic of evangelism from Way of the Master.

4. David Murray discusses some of the whispers you might "hear" after you get done praying ... whispers that come for our adversary ... I printed these out to place in my prayer journal.

5.  Talk about "sleight of hand!" This guy is really, really good!!! (my takeaway ... our adversary the Devil is even better at the deception game ... so beware!). Worth the 8 minutes it takes to watch!

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