And Your Name Is????

Do you ever struggle to remember names? I mean, someone gives you their name and 15 seconds later, you can't recall what it is? Now it is true that there have been certain individuals in history that have not struggled with this the way most of us do. Consider the following:

Napoleon - who knew thousands of his soldiers by name.
Charles Schwab - who knew the names of all 8,000 of his employees.
Charles W. Eliot - who, during his forty years as president of Harvard, earned the reputation of knowing the names of all the students each year.
Harry Lorayne - who would amaze audiences by being introduced to hundreds of people, one after another, then giving the mane of any person who stood and requested it.

Wow! Now that is amazing! People like that are few and far between. I mean ... sometimes I can't even keep the names of my own children straight!

But there is One who is far, far more amazing then these four listed above. Our God knows each and every human being who has ever lived BY NAME! And even more astounding (as far as sheer numbers are concerned), he has given a name to each and every star that litters the universe (Isaiah 40:26)!

I don't know about you ... but it is thrilling and comforting, encouraging and motivating to know that God knows MY name ... and will never, ever forget it (John 10:3)!

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