In the Aftermath of THE STORM . . .

Superstorm, Hurricane, Frankenstorm ... whatever label you choose to hang on the storm "Sandy" which roared into our area last week ... all would agree that it was quite the monster. Parts of the afflicted area will be digging out for weeks and months ... others will never be the same. Countless people have experienced loss in so many different ways. No doubt, it was a tragic weather event.

This morning in my devotional reading, I ran across something written by J.I. Packer that could not be any more appropriate in the aftermath of the storm. Please take a moment and read what he has to say.

"Of all the evils that infect God's world (moral and spiritual perversity, waste of good, and the physical disorders and disruptions of a spoiled cosmos), it can summarily be said: God permits evil; he punishes evil with evil; he brings good out of evil; he uses evil to test and discipline those he loves; and one day he will redeem his people from the power and presence of evil altogether. 

The doctrine of providence teaches Christians that they are never in the grip of blind forces (fortune, chance, luck, fate); all that happens to them is divinely planned, and each event comes as a new summons to trust, obey, and rejoice, knowing that all is for one's spiritual and eternal good (Romans 8:29)." 

Once again J.I. hits the proverbial nail squarely on the head!

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