Thank God ... Jesus Paid It All!

Typically my day off is Monday. But this week, due to some scheduling issues, I took yesterday (Thursday) off instead. One of my "to dos" to get done was to call about a needed update to my heating/cooling system in my house. Since this update is a rather costly one, once I had the rough price quote in hand, I began to work on my plan to finance this need.

With that on my mind, I happened to read through the classic hymn, Jesus Paid It All this morning (this in preparation for our upcoming Sunday evening communion service). And it struck me that unlike my planning to fund this house project (moving funds from this account to that account, figuring out whether a small short-term loan might be needed, etc.), the debt I owe God has been paid for IN FULL! I don't have to worry if I have done enough good ... or avoided enough bad so that heaven's balance sheet weighs in on my favor! Nope. No worries there. Because Jesus paid it all, I am guaranteed entrance into heaven. Nothing to do with me ... EVERYTHING to do with him! All I must do is receive his gift! Do yourself a favor and take a moment and read the lyrics of the last stanza of this wonderful, heart warming, faith strengthening, God honoring hymn. 

Jesus Paid it All 

And when before the throne I stand in him complete, 
'Jesus died my soul to save,' my lips shall still repeat. 

Jesus paid it ALL, ALL to him I owe, 
Sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow!

Thanks for stopping by ... and if  you are part of our Grace family, I hope you join us for our communion service on Sunday (6 PM in our Family Life Center) . . . 


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