Snow, A Slide and Two Happy Grandsons (with a lesson thrown in)!

This morning, as our weekly staff meeting was wrapping up, I got a call from my wife. She had been backing out the driveway (ours is on an incline) when the car slid and the two tires on the driver's side both slid off the macadam. Since there is an embankment on that side of the driveway, when my wife tried to pull the car back up, the rear axle of the car got hung up on the driveway's edge. This prevented the car from moving.

Once I got home and evaluated the situation, I pulled out my AAA card and called the number for roadside assistance (hmm ... I was hoping "drivewayside" qualified!). The agent I talked with was quite helpful and passed my request onto the dispatcher. Within a few minutes the dispatcher called to inform me that a tow truck would arrive within the hour (well, due to slow traffic conditions caused by the weather, the hour turned into an hour and 45 minutes). But the tow truck finally arrived ... to my relief and the the outright joy and happiness of my 26 month old and 18 month old grandsons. In fact from the moment they heard that a tow truck was coming ... they were ecstatic. Sure enough ... once the tow truck arrived, they were glued to the window watching every move (hmm .... maybe for future birthday parties I should just hire a tow truck to come for a half an hour ... better than getting a clown, I would guess!).

Now that the car is safely back in it's place (with no apparent damage done), I can look back and chuckle. But I must confess that I was not chuckling initially. In fact, I was a bit upset with my wife (even though the slide was really more the result of the slush on the driveway than anything my wife did). And as I stewed on her role in what happened, the Lord brought to my mind an incident in which I ran our mini-van into a concrete post in a Pizza Hut parking lot. That incident cost me a lot more than a few hours of my time (as this one did). This was God's way of saying to me, "John, lighten up! Everyone makes mistakes and that mistake you made was a real lulu compared to this mistake of your wife!"  I had to pause right then and there to confess my sin and move on!

I don't know about you, but I am SO VERY GLAD that the Spirit of God nudges us (or, in my case, hammers us) when we need to put off wrong thinking and put on right thinking. And today, I needed an attitude check.

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