Don't Count Twinkies Down for the Count Just Yet!

Yesterday it was announced that Hostess Brands (the maker of the long-time favorite Twinkies) will go into mediation with its second largest union. The mediation was agreed upon after a bankruptcy judge questioned the rationale behind the strike. Twinkie fans are hoping that the sit-down between the company and union will result in an agreement that will end the crippling strike and give new life to this "All American Favorite" (I mean, who hasn't delighted in the experience of eating a Twinkie!). Hmm. Makes me wonder if this was all a marketing ploy by the company to sell more Twinkies (which have been flying off shelves everywhere!).

Well ... whether or not Twinkies will get a second chance will make no difference to me (since I don't eat them .. at least with any regularity!). But I can say I am filled with gratitude that God gave me a second chance (which I in NO WAY deserved). The Bible has a word (and it is MY FAVORITE Bible word) for this ... it is the word "grace." In Ephesians 2:1-10, the apostle Paul talks about this grace and what it means for us who so desperately need a second chance. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I encourage you to spend a few minutes reflecting on this passage and thanking God for HIS grace and the new life (and new destiny) that it provides you. No cost to you ... but at a great cost to Him! Thank God for HIS grace!

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PS - If you would like to receive this "second chance" from God, please check out Two Ways to Live: A Choice We All Face. 

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