Thursday A La Carte

After two weeks off ... it's more than time to get back to some a la carte offerings. Here are some things you might want to check out ...

1. So ... how do you respond when someone else receives a blessing from God? Here is a great short read on Why We Should Rejoice When God Blesses Others! 

2. Here is an interesting read on Five Questions Wives Should NOT Ask Their Husbands.  (I am glad that my wife never asks me these!)

3. Wow! Here are some good insights into what it means to be a "gospeled man!"  

4. We are called by God to forgive others when wronged. But ... as Lauren Whitman writes, Forgiveness is Hard. 

5. Here's an insightful article on what's ahead when Jesus returns!

6. And on a lighter note ... 

Thanks for stopping by . . .


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