A Project Done - and Another in Progress!

My wife would tell you that when it comes to "handyman" projects around the house, I fail miserably. And I would not argue (and for many of you who know me, you are probably just smiling right about now!).

This past weekend ... I took on a MAJOR house project (please understand that the word "major" as I have just used it is relative ... for others the project I completed would be nothing more than a minor chore). SO ... you are probably wondering just what this MAJOR project was. Yes?  Sharon and I went out and bought four new sets of shades for our bedroom windows. That meant I had to take down the old ones (including the brackets that supported them) before I could install the new ones. A task that probably would have taken even an average "handyman" an hour at most ... took me at least twice that. Then, of course, I had to put up new curtains. I will say I was able to do that in a much more timely fashion. And ahh ... does it feel good to have that project in my rear view mirror!

There's another project that I will be glad to have in life's rear view mirror one day. I am thinking of me! The Bible makes it clear that I am God's "workmanship" (Ephesians 2:10). And God is not yet finished working on me ... I am still "a work in progress" (Philippians 1:6). What's true of me ... is also true of you if you are a follower of Jesus Christ. Isn't it a comfort to know that God's not done with us yet! I "blow it" all-too-often when it comes to living out God's word in my life (and I am guessing you do, too!). So I am glad to know that God is still at work in me ... and there will come a day when his work is done ... and I will be presented before him without fault (Jude 1:24). Until then ... I am so glad God continues to pour out his grace upon me. I just hope I learn to be just as gracious with others!

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