New Feature ... Friday Coffee with PJ

Today I am launching a new feature that I am calling "Friday Coffee with PJ." I got the idea as I was enjoying breakfast with a former student of mine this morning. He made a comment that he just enjoyed sitting and discussing different topics with me. Well, I enjoy that too ... just talking almost randomly about topics here and there. So, with that in mind ... I thought each Friday I would post some random thoughts about a couple of random topics.

- Death: Death always brings with it a lot of pain and grief and suffering. Those left behind are often heart broken and feel as if life just simply cannot "go on." As I minister to a lot of people who grieve ... I am reminded over and over again at just how UNNATURAL the experience of death is. God never designed us to have to deal with death. Death only entered the human race when Adam and Eve sinned (Romans 5:12). So it is no wonder that death wrecks life as it does. BUT there is coming the day for the follower of Jesus that death will be no more (Revelation 21:3-4).

- Morality: Moral standards in the U.S. continue a downward spiral. What is either acceptable or becoming acceptable today, was viewed as immoral by most people just a generation ago. This especially holds true in the arena of sexual behavior ... and this downward spiral of morality has even infiltrated the church. The church must find a way to clearly and compassionately communicate biblical standards and values in this arena. And as we do we must be willing to stand up to the charges of "intolerance" and "bigotry" and "narrow-mindedness."  This moral decline is just a reminder of how much our world needs the gospel of Jesus Christ (for an insightful article on this topic, check out what Al Mohler wrote in the Washington Post).

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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