The Awesome Power of God's Creative Word!

From the very moment we open our Bibles and begin to read the beginning of this grand story of God . . . we are confronted with the awesome power of this God. The first words we read are these ... "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." So ... in the beginning when there was NOTHING (except God, of course), He created. He had no raw materials to work with. He had to make that as he went along. And how did he create? "And God said, 'Let there be light' and there was light." So he created out of nothing by merely commanding this vast universe into existence! Now that's one powerful God!

Concerning God's act of creation, author J.I. Packer states, "To say that he created 'out of nothing' is to confess the mystery, not explain it." Packer is right ... there is a lot of mystery here. Our limited minds find it very (extremely proably the better word) difficult to grasp the actions of the One who is infinite and whose being goes beyond our understanding of the reality of space and time. Yet .... praise HIM that he has revealed himself to us ... and makes himself KNOWABLE to us ... in His Word ... and in His Son! Yes, we will never fully know God in the sense that we will be able to understand all that he is. To do so would require us becoming God. But we can know him in such a way that we can enter into a loving and intimate relationship with him. Wow! To think that our Daddy is the Maker of all!

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