Thursday A La Carte

Here are this week's offerings ... enjoy!

1. Here is a rather heated exchange between Ray Comfort (Living Waters/Way of the Master) and a woman named Cindy. Sad to think there are millions of "Cindy's" in this world who defiantly shake their fists in the face of God.

2. Randy Alcorn says (and writes) a lot of cool things about eternity, money and the Christian journey. Here is an article in which he talks about Uncoolness, Intolerance, and Christ's Bride the Church. 

3. We need to be praying for the Church in China. Seems that the communist government is stepping up its attempts to wipe out the house church in China. 

4. I always find myself helped by reading through Nancy DeMoss' Brokenness Bookmark. But I warn you ... it is quite convicting. The sin of pride so subtly lurks with in us ... if we don't get intentional about rooting it out ... it will remain!

5. On a lighter note .  . .  (for you Downton Abbey fans!)

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