Friday Coffee with PJ

Today is Friday and that means it's time for you to pour your favorite brew of coffee and spend a few minutes "listening" to me ramble on . . . but ramble in a way that just might help you in your own journey of grace!

1. Once again I was recently reminded of the benefits of drinking coffee. I spotted this particular info-graphic in my wife's August issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. According to the info-graphic, research shows that one cup of coffee per day will reduce the risk of a stroke by 20%! So if that's the case, I am really in good shape as I tend to drink at least three cups a day!

2. Last week at the shore, two of my grandsons (Jack almost 3 and Nolan just over 2) played tackle on the beach. Jack would run and then slow down and allow Nolan to come up behind him and tackle him. The two would fall laughing to the sand ... then get up and do it all over again. Not only were they having fun, I was having fun watching! As I thought about their little game, I thought of how it is so easy for sin to slide up behind us and "tackle" us as we seek to run the race God has set before us (Hebrews 12:1-2). And since sin is so deceptive (Hebrews 3:13), we not only need to be on the alert for it in our lives (with the Spirit of God's help, of course) - we also need to allow others to speak truth into our lives when they see us going astray. All of us have blind spots ... sins, weaknesses, faults that we are blind to (but others are not). SO if we are going to successfully keep on running the race without constantly falling flat on our face, we need to be open to the counsel of those around us and respond with humility and with teachable hearts when that counsel is offered.

3. During one of our recent road trips, my wife and I stopped in Altoona, PA (my mom's home town!). One of the sights we stopped to explore was the famous "Horseshoe Curve." While there, we saw several freight trains navigate the monstrous curve on their way west and east. Knowing that my grandsons are huge train fans, I shot some video using my smartphone. Sure enough, the first time I saw my one grandson and
allowed him to view the video, he wanted to watch it again and again. And while watching it, his eyes were glued to the screen! Wow! If we would only seek God with that kind of intensity! (See Psalm 27:4 and Psalm 63:1-8)

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AD said...

Hey PJ . . . after reading your blog (coffee can reduce the risk of stroke), the very next headline I read this morning touted "research shows coffee may kill you." Now that study observed those who drank more than 3 cups a day, but it just goes to show the fallibility and unreliability of our so-called experts. How comforting it is to know the absolute perfection of our Lord and unwavering reliability of His Word. said...

Yep ... I saw the same study! Of course, I then heard it explained that those who died ... died not so much because of drinking coffee, but because there was some other underlying health issue the individual was suffering. But your point is VERY WELL MADE! Conflicting studies come and go ... but God's Word can ALWAYS be relied upon!

Friday Coffee with PJ

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