Trusting God when Life Really Hurts!

All of us face tough times. Adversity comes calling all too often. If I had to choose between door #1 leading to comfort and door #2 leading to adversity, I would pick door #1 ten times out of ten (and I would guess you would be right there with me!). But that option is not something God puts before us. We must accept whatever hardships come our way. We are broken people living in a broken world. Therefore, we will go through tough times ... if not today, then tomorrow. Therefore, it is important we learn to respond in a God-honoring, kingdom-advancing way. I was reminded of this today in a visit I had with a dear saint who has just been through an extremely difficult week and a half. Through all the pain and suffering, she has trusted God. Wow! Her testimony was refreshing!

Below is a quote from a book about trusting God even when we are experiencing adversity. Take a moment and read ... then reflect. It will do your heart and soul well to do so!

"Yet it is just as important to trust God as it is to obey Him. When we disobey God we defy His authority and despise His holiness. But when we fail to trust God we doubt His sovereignty and question His goodness. In both cases we cast aspersions upon His majesty and His character. God views our distrust of Him as seriously as He views our disobedience. When the people of Israel were hungry, "they spoke against God, saying, `Can God spread a table in the desert? ... Can he supply meat for his people?"' The next two verses tell us, "When the LORD heard them, he was very angry ... for they did not believe in God or trust in his deliverance" (Psalm 78:19-22).  

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