Friday Coffee with PJ

This week, just a short thought for you as you drink your morning coffee. If you are reading this on Friday, most likely at the time you are reading these words I will be on the return leg of a road trip to North Carolina. Wednesday morning, I drove over to York County to pick up my oldest sister. Then the two of us drove to NC to visit my other sister who is in poor health, a sister that we have not seen for quite some time. I must admit that given my workload right now, I was reluctant to go. Even with my wife encouraging me that I needed to do this (and she has been encouraging me for a while now!), and even though I knew deep down inside that I really needed to go, I kept putting it off.  But finally, when my oldest sister said she really wanted to see our North Carolina sister, I knew that I would have to make the time and go. And given our sister's poor health, it could very well be the last time we get to see her.

Now once I made this decision, I knew it was the right one. And I knew that all the "stuff" calling for my attention would be waiting for me when I got back. John Piper once said that when we do the "primary" things God calls us to do, that he will take care of all those "secondary" things. And really ... when it comes right down to it, family is one of these "primary" things in life.

So ... what about you? Giving enough time to your family (and the other important relationships that God has placed in your life)? Or are you using the excuse that you are just to busy?

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Friday Coffee with PJ

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